Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes I realize I missed a Day, but to make up for it a post and a half. The Demo Reel is almost ready. I've shortened it in some areas to keep it to about 3 Min (which includes many of my upcoming projects), and decided to put in a "various/other"category at the end which has not only some good but unused (yet) pieces in 3D animation, but to include some traditional 2D style examples too)

AND to explain my absence of yesterday's post: MOVIE TIME!!

Film class is gaining momentum. Here are links to some work from the class so far:

Digital Story, "Turning Japanese" (8 MB):

and a class exercise in "editing in the camera" or getting a series of shots/edits to tell a story Ironically named "Under the Gun" because we had only two hours to shoot it, import, add a soundtrack and compress, and by the end of class 2 teams of 4 each had made a short film.

Under The Gun:

and here's a pic to tide you over (click to open larger ANIMATED gif):


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