Saturday, December 08, 2007

I have a BLOG?

Oh yeah that's right I do...

So maybe I should use it. Why so long a delay? Well long story short I graduated from Mesa CC and transferred to ASU. I planned on BYU, but they weren't going to accept all my credits and the animation portfolio review came up as a negative for go. So ASU it was. So I spent the last semester playing catch up on a few of the Req classes which meant a lot of studio time. It's holidays now so I have a bit of a break in the busy schedule.

I plan to use the blog more and keep up to date on projects and doings in the work, or any other news.

So let's see, upcoming and stuff in the works:

1. Maggie and Mitch (aka Murasaki Majo Maggie Matilla)
The one with the cute little purple girl and her enchanted, yet slighty creepy but adorable teddy bear. Besides a slew of concept and design art I have floating around, this one's
gone through several revisions. The now held plan is: First, an introductory illustration comic book of sorts. It's actually a lot of illustrations detailing Maggie and Mitch's origins. This too is getting the short animation treatment to coincide with the book, in a traditionally animated sense, or kind of like an animated storybook. (the plan being to sell the comic and DVD together. Slow going now, but at least I have all the pages/pictures ready. Now to find a good printer.

2. Shane Gun - Storyboarded, good idea for a sci-fi cowboy short animated film. I just CAN'T decide on a final "look" for Shane himself.

3. Captain Kelly - A little tricky here, Issue 2 is done and inked, BUT the WHOLE series is undergoing a little change, Issue 1 is getting a few added pages a few minor rewrites and a deeper storyline. and ALL PAGES will be colored, and online. If I can publish this one it'll be a miracle, and I'm already moving into Issue 3 as far as drawing and inking.

4. Popoki - Stirring from it's long abscence, and getting a new look (think old Looney Tunes-ish) a new story, a new Locale, new characters, and more in the works.

That's it for now, maybe 6 months from now I'll post another update.


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