Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving on up!

It's summer in AZ (that's hot), but soon I move to colder climbs. Utah. Provo.

By sheer luck and a lot of determination I got into BYU, meaning I'm a shoe in for the animation dept, so I can finish my BFA.

ASU was mostly a waste of my time, OK studio art classes, but a crap animation program, I was VERY disappointed. At least in Utah I'll have some people who actually WORKED in the industry to teach me the ropes, thank goodness.

As a little Summer treat, I offer a two shot: first the crap 3D animation I made well past expectations of the ASU curriculum, not learning a DAMN thing new, and having to use my own equipment, even added music (some creative commons from NIN's Ghosts...good tunes) and sound effects. I feel gypped by the class, but at least I got a 30 second mild snicker to use in my growing portfolio.

High quality version on Youtube:

Then in kind of a huff, and pissed I didn't learn anything at ASU, I resolved to finish my "Cookies and Milk" Maggie & Mitch piece this Summer before I have to move. Cleaned and colored, even wrote the music myself in Garageband.

Better link here:

I like the blog even if there's not much to say during a busy school year, college keeps me REAL busy too. So maybe another update in another 6 months we'll see, maybe I'll have better news more frequently.

Till Next time.


At 12:47 PM , Blogger Frog God said...

take one entire weekend to do Magie and Mitch

-Red Sonja (2009 movie)
-AKIRA (anime movie)
-speed racer
-captain planet
-Bleech (anime series)
-Code Geass
-mork and mindy
-devil may cry and ninja Gaiden

At 4:35 PM , Blogger Frog God said...

have you ever thought of going to Full Sail university in florida


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