Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graduating! And making plans.

So it's been 4 months since my last post, a pretty grueling, dukes-up, slave away on art project after art project back to back without a moment to think clearly to myself 4 months, but all that hard work is about to pay off.

I'll be graduating from BYU next week. Pretty cool. :)

So here's a little bit of art. I'm really rather proud of these pieces, more ideas forming for the Maggie and Mitch project from my character design class, expansion of the cast.

Maggie Matilla and Sticky Mitch

A Mayjo girl from the US, with emotional-based magic powers she can't control, and her enchanted teddy bear sidekick.

Pepper Oni and Bunba
A half-human/half-oni exchange student from London, and her nitwit Kasabake companion inherited from her family.

Miya Poko and Nyatto

A airheaded Tanuki girl and her lecherous old Maneki Neko "uncle".

Hanako and Amber

An extremely scary and enigmatic Onryou girl, and her bubbly upbeat spirit-wisp half sister.

Daisho and Mochi
A Kitsune from an aristocratic family. The token male of the group. Suave, overly cool demeanor and object of all girls affections (and occasional fights). His servant is a Kappa with a life debt to him.

So now I have a cast of 5, and if I plan on making it, which I do, it'll be an anime parody-ish animated series, or manga-genre spoofing graphic novel, or both. Either way it should be both cute and funny.

(edit) Just thinking, these also kind of say "action figure merchandise" to me as well. I can see them packaged in plastic with their little friends by their sides ready for adventures. I dream big. :)


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